• Interior, bar area
  • Interior, a pool table in the bar area
  • Outdoor seating area


Bar & Grill

About us

We are a small-town café that serves the best breakfast in Des Moines, Iowa. Our goal is to serve excellent food in a home-style setting. With personal service, large portions, and consistent quality, we hope you will find that we have accomplished this goal. Welcome to the Waveland Cafe!

Most of the wait staff has been here since 1992. The girls on the mural are Sam, Stephanie, and Kelly. Combined they have put in over 38 years. The entire staff at the Waveland will treat you like family, serve you quickly, and make sure you enjoy your meal. It won't take long for you to realize why you feel so at home in our store.

The kitchen that produces all of your food consists of former kitchen managers. They cook everything fresh to order. All soups, sauces, and specials come from recipes they have learned from friends, family, and customers, and are all prepared from scratch. Your food will always be hot, consistent, and "Excellent as Always"!